Health Care Solutions

Many of the health care institutions in Virginia are also some of the most corrupt organizations in the nation. They are all in desperate need of reform and this reform would recover billions of dollars stolen from Virginians.

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Economy and Jobs

As Governor, Dr. Vuyyuru will recover 30 to 50 billion dollars stolen from Virginians by the big private corporations.

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Judicial Accountability

Due to judicial corruption in both federal and state courts businesses are refusing to locate to Virginia.

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Educational Reform

For years, Dr. Vuyyuru has been on the forefront and innovation of great education reform for Virginians. Dr. Vuyyuru believes he can make the State of Virginia into a leader in the world for teaching of sciences.

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Pro Family

Dr. Vuyyuru pledges that as governor he will solve Virginia’s problems in a pro-family way. Freedom, choice, liberties, education, justice and happiness are all pillars of a stable family unit. Good families are a pillar of advanced societies.

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